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At Inspire Training & education Services the welfare of any young person is paramountContact Us Now

Inspire Training & Educations Services

All of the students taught within our school are encouraged to be as independent as possible, both in their learning and in their social and personal development. We believe that education is a partnership between the children, the home and the school.

Aims of our Education Services

  • To provide a consistent and caring learning environment in which pupils can develop their full personal, academic and social potential.
  • To provide access to a broad, balanced curriculum including key core subjects differentiated through an Individual Education Plan to meet each student’s needs.
  • To provide access to work experience and vocational qualifications.
  • To promote positive self-worth, self-esteem and respect for each individual.
  • To promote self-control through a Behaviour Management System
  • To provide a variety of integration and inclusion opportunities to ensure that all students are placed in the best educational setting.
  • To work in active partnership with parents, carers and other agencies.


Students are able to follow full national curriculum and GCSE programmes. In addition, they can also follow vocational courses. Students may also undertake a work experience placement.
Regular contact is maintained with parents and carers where appropriate, ensuring that they are kept fully informed of progress and all matters concerning their child’s education.
Reviews of the students work and progress is also carried out on a regular basis, and targets are set in conjunction with the student, to ensure ownership of their learning experience.
Our schools have an excellent teacher to pupil ratio with class sizes of up to a maximum of 4-6 students. This enables us to give our children high levels of support at all times.


All students are given an assessment in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT on entry to the school and this forms the basis of their programme of study.

Individually Tailored Programmes

Many Inspire students have had a fragmented education or have been out of the education system for periods of time. Inspires emphasis is on providing a safe and nurturing environment that will encourage and support each student to re-engage in the process of learning.

Inspire delivers a structured programme of education, tailored to each student’s individual needs and taking into account their Statement of Special Educational Needs. Students are taught in small groups and individually, by fully qualified teaching staff.


Behaviour Management & Recognition

Our education provision promotes positive outcomes through the use of behaviour management and reward systems. Each student is carefully encouraged and supported in managing their behaviour. Certificates and awards are given in recognition of effort, achievement and behaviour, and each week one student is awarded “student of the week”.

Good work is recognised and displayed; Certificates are awarded for an outstanding day.

At the end of the summer term a celebration of success ceremony is held to celebrate every young person’s success and progress during the academic year. Parents, Carers, Social Workers and other interested parties are invited to attend Achievers Days.


Every Child Matters

  • Being Healthy – All children in our care attend Doctor, Dentist, and Optician appointments. We also have links into local CAMHS teams and provide a safe, nurturing and caring school environment.
  • Staying Safe – Our school provides a secure and safe environment where the teaching staff develop key working relationships with children focused on improving personal safety and wellbeing.
  • Enjoying and Achieving – All our children are given opportunities to enjoy a range of confidence building activities such as climbing, sailing and mountain biking. They are encouraged to be members of local children’s organisations such as sports clubs, guides, scouts and cadets.
  • Making a Positive Contribution – our children play an active part in developing their care, health and education plans.
  • Achieve Economic Well-being – All our children are actively encouraged to undertake further education. We also strive to prepare them for living independently in their communities, saving for their future through their individual bank accounts and developing work experience.